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Analytics & SEO Coaching

Tracking all the things…

We take a different approach to search engine optimization (SEO) than most firms. We believe that the person best suited to craft, implement, and maintain your SEO efforts is you. Because, unlike an SEO consultant, you’re already an expert on what you do, sell, make, or offer.

The truth is, most sites are not currently even doing the basic, low-hanging-fruit SEO work that delivers the vast majority of SEO benefits.

Hiring a consulting firm to research a gazillion key phrases and then tell you how to rewrite all your headlines to be keyword-stuffed-gibberish is probably not what your site really needs.

Instead, our approach is to guide you through the process of developing a plan to improve your site’s performance, and then helping you stay on track to achieve your plan’s goals. All the while, we’re helping you to become more and more self-reliant.

We call this approach analytics & SEO coaching.

First we help you craft a practical, common-sense plan to help focus and track your analytics & SEO efforts.

This plan often includes:

  • Identifying key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Coming up with common-sense key phrases
  • Matching them with pages
  • Developing a URL naming convention
  • Reviewing your site’s coding and configuration
  • Setting up a maintainable tracking plan

After this strategy has been defined, we can do ongoing analysis, deliver monthly reports, and conduct quarterly check-in meetings to review and explain the reports. These meetings are used to update and modify the overall strategy and tactics. And also to incrementally make you more and more self reliant.

We can also help you with more advanced analytics issues and techniques like conversion rates, campaigns, and user event tracking.