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Ten Speed Press

Quinn Interactive led Ten Speed Press’s website redesign and development, creating a site with streamlined functionality, efficient management systems, and a user-friendly ecommerce solution, all supported by a fun, culturally expressive visual design.

TSP had grown faster than their website could sustain. The website design reflected their early roots as a garage publisher and had not been updated since the early web days. Their ecommerce system was too small and “homegrown” to support their new strategic direction of increasing online marketing. They needed a content management system that allowed for rapid product communication, was easy to use, and supported the sizable website they needed to accomplish their goals. They wanted a website to reflect their professionalism while capturing the whimsy and character of their imprints.

Visual Design

Quinn Interactive created a bright, new visual design that integrated TSP’s style and brand in a way that captured the attention of visitors and communicated the values and mission of the company. It helped solidify their presence in the publishing world.

Information Architecture

Using color and a little whimsy, QI built a navigation system and site structure that is user-friendly and intuitive.

Content Management and Custom Development

Based on the size of the site and ease of use for content editors and website administrators, a page-based content management system was selected. QI built custom, automated features that streamlined the product entry process. Products could then be updated seasonally, synchronizing data in static pages and the ecommerce solution. An open-source ecommerce system was installed and customized to meet Ten Speed’s specific needs. Quinn Interactive also managed the delivery of new site content. Analytics and a search engine optimization (SEO) plan were also integrated.

The Results

Ten Speed Press enjoys a playful, up-to-date website that entices visitors and shoppers to explore and discover the many books and posters they publish and represent. The website offers easy management and administration by TSP staff, strategically encourages online shopping, and supports authors and resellers in their creative endeavors. Shoppers appreciate the website’s ease of use, which contributes to higher sales and customer satisfaction.

About Ten Speed Press

Ten Speed Press (TSP) is a Berkeley, California, independent publisher of books and posters with four major imprints (Ten Speed Press, Tricycle Press, Celestial Arts, and Crossing Press). Their products are sold worldwide. As the largest, bestselling independent publisher in the United States, they print 150 new titles each year and distribute books for a number of small presses.

Ten Speed Press was purchased by Random House in 2009.