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QI provided design strategies, content management systems (CMS) expertise, and custom applications to help update and modernize the global website of Böwe Bell + Howell Scanners. The result was an easily managed, dynamic website with a consistent and attractive design.

Böwe Bell + Howell Scanners desired a redesign to incorporate the new logo and branding philosophy throughout the site. In addition, the client wanted a CMS to help them manage the site. In particular, the company was struggling with the old site’s inflexibility—it was difficult to add up-to-date product information and technical data, a severe handicap in a competitive and constantly evolving marketplace. The company also wanted to create a much better user experience, including comprehensive and accurate search capabilities. The company brought in Quinn Interactive to accomplish these goals.

Visual Design

Quinn Interactive created a cohesive and attractive site design that implements the company’s new branding themes.

Information Architecture

We provided in-depth information architecture strategies that have greatly improved the site’s usability and usefulness.

Content Management Systems

We used Omniture Publish and SiteSearch to transform a site composed primarily of static pages into an easily managed, dynamic marketing tool. Staffers can easily add product and sales literature and company information. The site is also now fully multilingual, and the Quinn Interactive–customized CMS enables translation to be outsourced and implemented without disrupting the English-language site workflow.

Custom Applications

Quinn Interactive created a series of custom site capabilities to provide even greater functionality to the Böwe Bell + Howell Scanners site. We designed a private membership management system to manage access to support and training materials for service partners. This customized system allows site managers to easily administer membership lists and to create member access to specific areas of the site on an individual basis. We also installed an automated warranty registration system and worked with the client and an outside consulting firm to integrate the company's existing internal warranty database.

The Results

The Böwe Bell + Howell Scanners global website is now a highly effective international sales and marketing tool and a source for easily accessible technical and product information. The site is also easily and affordably managed. Site updates that took up to a month, and required an expensive outside marketing firm to complete, can now be handled quickly and inexpensively by each internal content creator. With the Quinn Interactive-designed custom applications and the enhanced search engine and other usability features online, the site has become a powerful and cost effective company asset.

About Böwe Bell + Howell Scanners

Böwe Bell + Howell Scanners is an international retailer of high quality, high speed document scanners. Following a merger of Böwe Systec with Bell + Howell Scanners, the company instituted a new logo and branding philosophy. The Böwe Bell + Howell Scanners website is a crucial part of the company’s worldwide sales and communications effort, supplying product information and technical data about dozens of models of Böwe Bell + Howell scanners.

Böwe Bell + Howell Scanners was purchased by Kodak in 2009.