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SilverStripe Certified Partner

As a SilverStripe Certified Partner, Quinn Interactive works closely with SilverStripe to make sure you have the best of both worlds—local help with your SilverStripe website with the full backing of SilverStripe headquarters in New Zealand.

SilverStripe is an outstanding CMS designed to hit the sweet spot where content editors, managers, graphic designers, and site developers can all do their best work. At Quinn Interactive, we’ve adopted SilverStripe wholeheartedly, because we can efficiently adapt it to our clients’ needs, then confidently hand off the site to our clients. We know their experience managing and editing the site in the SilverStripe CMS will be excellent.


The CMS you already know how to use

Built with the user in mind, SilverStripe CMS makes day-to-day content updates awesomely simple. Its flexibility makes SilverStripe CMS ideal for managing websites, intranets, and sophisticated web applications with stunning interactive design, as well as social and transactional features for your users.


With SilverStripe Framework, no idea is too complex

Your website is unique and can’t be backed into a turnkey content management solution. That’s why we use SilverStripe Framework, a PHP web application framework that can be used standalone or in harmony with the SilverStripe CMS. The modern, object-oriented MVC/ORM architecture cuts the overhead associated with common programming tasks, and enables developers to quickly write and maintain code that powers complex web applications.


Great for Developers

SilverStripe Framework gives developers the freedom to do what they do best—write great code in an elegant framework. SilverStripe developers enjoy building complex web applications quickly and robustly, without the limitations of a restrictive graphical user interface. Extend the functionality of your site with the Framework and add-ons.


Great for Designers

SilverStripe doesn’t impose any constraints or restrictions on the way your website should look or behave. With the code tucked away in the framework, website designers have full control over their HTML, CSS and JavaScript, via SilverStripe’s powerful and flexible object-oriented templating system. That allows designers to spend less time deciphering code and more time unleashing their creativity on the design of your user experience. 


Open Source and free

SilverStripe software is released under the Open Source BSD license, and underpinned by public documentation, free code, and a developer community that you can join and interact with. SilverStripe is based on open standards and technologies (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript), and is platform-agnostic.


Scalable and Secure

Your data is sensitive and always growing. SilverStripe is designed to safeguard your data whether it be from malicious activity or inadvertent loss. With strong API integration points, caching, and support for multi-server cloud configurations, SilverStripe scales to high-volume workloads for content-rich and transactional sites.


Fast Growing Developer Community

SilverStripe has a rapidly growing international developer community that contributes both add-ons and modules, as well as core software code. Last time we checked there were over 1,400 add-ons available at

Learn More…

You can learn more about the SilverStripe Framework and CMS at You can learn more about SilverStripe Limited at You can learn more about our partnership with SilverStripe in their partners section.